Wednesday, May 16, 2012

new obsession: yogurt and granola

not just ANY granola.

well.. it's not really "granola", but it does have oatmeal, nuts, agave, and dried fruit though.  i guess it's sort of like granola, but in bar form, and uncooked.  yes, UN cooked.  which means you can throw it together in literally 10 minutes.  i've gotten so good at making it lately that i almost turn it into a game seeing how quickly i can make it.

one of the nicest things about it is that since you don't have to "bake" anything, the quantities of all of the ingredients (and even the list of ingredients too) are left to debate.  someone might like 3 times as much cinnamon, or maybe you want to substitute some of the agave for maple syrup (hint: this is a GOOD idea!)

but back to the yogurt.  crumbling up this granola and putting it on some vanilla greek yogurt is pretty much heaven.  i usually don't necessarily "look foward" to eating breakfast, i just eat because i'm hungry.  but this is one of those meals where i think about it all the way to work, then eat it as soon as i sit down (instead of waiting til 9am or 10am like i usually do).

besides taste, though, why is it so good?
1. granola (not the yogurt) is vegan and gluten-free (if you make sure to buy gluten-free oats)
2. it is the perfect topping for ice cream too! or, if you make your own ice cream, layer the oats with the ice cream (high five to mr p for thinking of this trick! see it here)
3. it makes a lot, so you get to eat it ALL week for breakfast!

anyways, you just have to try it!   then tell me what you think of apartment therapy's version, and what you would do differently!  here's what WE do differently:

half sunflower seed butter, half skippy natural creamy peanut butter
sub 1/4 of the agave with real maple syrup
all dried cranberries instead of whatever dried fruit is in it (we get huge bags of it at BJ's for super cheap)
peanuts, almonds, or walnuts instead of the nuts in the list.  we ALWAYS have these on hand (again, because we can get giant containers of them at BJ's for super cheap)
extra cinnamon to taste.  i don't know how much i really put in, but i know it's WAY more than it calls for!

cheers to great breakfasts!

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