Friday, February 8, 2013

winter blues

all winter i begged for snow.
today another named storm rolls in, crippling our plans to go to ohio this weekend for asian new year.

we'll see what the morning brings, but until then, here are some photos i took on my 1-block walk back to the house from parking my car...

it "looked" like a winter wonderland, but really it is wet, slushy sleet/snow, not cold enough for my giant puffy coat, so i'm wet on the outside from the wet flakes, and wet on the inside from sweating... a hot mess i tell ya....

 photo 1a0b1692-c82d-45e1-b4fe-b5ad670ccc9d_zps422b775a.jpg
 photo d94a2c5d-cd3e-438e-9a53-ce7ec134d3ed_zpse32256cb.jpg

 photo photo3_zps7843579a.jpg

 photo 4110e0bc-1d62-4e6c-b211-49d9b8a7ca55_zpsbe4488f5.jpg

 photo 4fe01105-cc0b-4616-a368-fa82153d7096_zps922bc1b2.jpg

cheers to the weekend!

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