Monday, February 11, 2013

it's hip to be square

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1. homemade walnut butter made ONLY because i was too impatient to wait until i got my hands on some almonds.  pretty good, but homemade almond butter is SOOOO much better!
2. regular guac, but with mangos instead of tomatoes. perfect blend of sweet and spicy!
3. posing in the bathroom of barcade.. must have been after a shot (or two!) because that's totally not my thang.
4. 3 mcgangbangs.  yes, that's 6 $1 sammiches from mcd's (must have been after a bit more than 2 shots)
5. first snow that weekend was a dud.  now nemo? different story.
6. happy early EARLY birthday to mr p. we now have new mii's on his new wii u :)
7. the REAL snow during nemo... pretty, but delayed our weekend with family in cleveland.
8. funny story about mr p and this card from hoopla (i won't embarass him NOW though :P)
9. valentine's day card from a thoughtful friend all the way in sunny california!
10. mr p's family has some cutie patooties for sure!
9. ....just another cutie, i couldn't get enough of them this weekend!
10. pretty drive back to jersey city through the appalachians in PA :)

cheers, kiddos.


LeeLee said...

homemade walnut butter?? I must try this.

Julie / Bound said...

Mangos instead of tomatoes? Possibly a completely genius I have to try this tonight!