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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

picnic essentials for movies in the park

when our friends asked us to join them at "movies in the park" in van vorst park in downtown jersey city to watch grand budapest hotel , i couldn't help but think of the fairytale version of what it would be like.  tossing out the blanket in slow motion, pouring wine, eating from the iconic brooklyn slate cheeseboard, looking miraculously not-awkward and being lady-like in a cute dress while waiting for the sun to set and the park to fill with people....

movies in Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

our night didn't stray too far from that fairytale daydream.  we could have done without the movie skipping, and the hung-tries-to-steal-all-the-pillows-ing...   but ya know, you can't have it all ;)  it was the "being with friends" part and the "thankful we live in a place that does this kind of stuff" part that counts! (and the rhubarb-and-random-other-fruit crisp that i pulled together in tiny mason jars right before the movie... that was good too :P  that smitten kitchen recipe is SO easy and versatile!)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

if i had a million dollars, part 1

 photo 2013-10-011_zps59deec5b.jpg

if i had a million dollars....

(maybe 2 for this one)

....i'd buy this house.  i walk past it probably once a week. and every time i do, i tell the person i'm with that THIS is my favorite house in jersey city.  it has everything a person could want in a city like this: a beautiful stoop, a driveway, a GARAGE!, an additional ground-level entrance, a beautiful bay window, unique curb appeal that sets it apart from the rest on the block, direct views of the park, on a tree-lined street, it probably has a gorgeous back yard.... i can only imagine what it looks like on the inside. 

one day i will have that. one day...