Wednesday, November 13, 2013

for my fellow fat-calved friends

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for someone unhappy with her size, you'd think I would be very excited to cover up this mess with some layers.   well, not this girl.  layers means pants that fit the waist (ugh), shirts that fit in the arms (ugh), and boots that fit the calves (double UGH).

i've had quite the troubles finding boots that fit my seemingly disproportionate calves.  when i look at myself in the mirror, i don't see fat calves.  but when mr p has to help me get my vince camuto boots on and off (thanks, babe), and when i go to umpteen stores to try on oodles of boots that just don't 'quite' zip up all the way... i know i have fat calves. or maybe designers just want skinny people with skinny calves to wear their boots.  it's all a conspiracy, i think (maybe like lululemon ?). or sort of like Abercrombie. in high school i was a cool medium at most stores, but couldn't fit into the XL at that perfume-gagging store. some boot-makers make 'plus size boots' under the 'politically correct' term 'wide calf', but lets face it.... just because i don't fit into your tiny 'normal' calf boots doesn't mean you need to go double the circumference on me....

so that's been my predicament.  i'm too 'fat' for normal boots, but my legs swim in those wide calf ones.


luckily, after no luck finding boots that fit, i needed something to make me feel good, so i went into Francesca's for some sure-to-please accessories instead.  then, there it was... an unexpected display of boots.  one last try? it doesn't hurt, right? i slipped one boot on, zipped it up ( ALL the way up), and still had room for about a finger or two, just enough for some leggings or skinnies.

lemme tell you, i felt like Cinderella putting on that glass slipper!! "it zipped!!" i screamed to mr p. "i'm getting them".  i didn't look at the price, i didn't check it they were real leather, i just took them to the register in pure joy.  they actually aren't real leather, but hey, even though they won't look as nice at least i don't have to weather-proof them ;) 

(they are the route 66 red zipper boot , FYI)

now that i've waited so long to find a good pair of tall boots, i've started wearing my combats more often. that's ok though, i hear booties and short boots are 'in' this year.  at least that's what my pinterest feed says.

am i the only one with this issue? the issue of fitting into normal-sized clothes but NOT normal sized boots???

i guess the smart thing to do would be to measure my calves at the widest part with a flexible measuring tape, the kind used for sewing, and do some shopping.  they have this great tool on the side where you can pick the calf circumference (genius!!)  but for now, i guess i will just enjoy what i've got: one classic pair of well-fitting boots.  i'll take it.



his little lady said...

Gosh, finding those shoes, or pants or shirts that fit just right is like hitting the mother load! Love this!!
xo TJ

riye said...

I've got short legs and large man calves so I know what you mean. In my art class one day I compared calf size with all my male friends and I had larger calves than everyone--including the body builders! One of the guys told me that good solid calves are a sign of good physical condition and suggested wearing short skirts to show them off because they were awesome. What a sweetie. :-) I keep his words in mind when eyeing a cute pair of tall boots that will totally not work for me. Glad you found a pair that worked!!