Tuesday, October 2, 2012

three little birds

chunky necklaces never make their way back into the tiny pockets of my jewlery hanger, but instead end up cluttering up my dresser and get tangled in my more delicate jewelry, bobby pins i take out of my hair at night, etc.

i couldn't pass up these little bird hooks when i saw them in a cute store in denver, and finally decided to use them for necklace hooks!

they even have magnetic beaks too! 
(i'm not sure what i will use that funky feature for, but it just makes them that much cuter!)

what's your small space jewlery storage solution? i'd love to hear from you!



Anonymous said...

Those bird hooks are seriously cute! I'm with you, about my chunky necklaces sitting in a pool of tangle on my dresser. Well, until I put them away in the little violin case that someone once gave me with a bottle of wine inside it! Best wine gift packaging ever!


Loulou said...

Oops, posted as Anonymous by mistake!

Anonymous said...

I love the Iron words a lot! They are sooo cute! And the birds are just adorable!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

katie, the iron words were only $6 each at pier 1 a few years back, but i think they still have them! i had the "live" one too for "live, laugh, love", but it got lost in our last move... bugger.

Dana said...

I use command hooks to hang them on a wall in my closet. So it's almost like a decoration!

Cocalores said...

How cute! These birdies could live in my house, too! I'm still looking for a jewellery storage. I do have an awesome idea, but time is always scarce! Right now I'm storing my stuff in their boxes in closets. Pretty boring, I know.