Thursday, November 15, 2012

dream home

what's your dream home?
where do you find inspiration?
are you addicted to pinning those perfectly-designed, lavish homes on pinterest?
for me, it's simple .
i go for a walk in greenwich village, and i stumble upon a house that i have to just stop and stare at for a few minutes.
i think it's because my "dream home" is always something that looks attainable.  i don't think i will ever have a 6,000 square foot home with 6 bedrooms and too many bathrooms with a sauna, indoor pool, and movie theater, but i DO think i could have a brownstone one day (maybe, it might be when i'm 70, but still).  and if i did, i would want it to have curb appeal like this beautiful place on macdougal street in the village:

painted brick just melts my heart.  i just love it.  this place COULD use some cute window boxes, but i'll leave that for what WE are the ones that own the place ;)

we were intrigued so much that we decided to peek inside the brightly-lit window (not creeper-ish at all :P)   i was stunned.  those windows near the street level are, on the inside, near the ceiling of a 2-story loft area.  there was a HUGE television mounted on the wall, and it had an adorable, eclectic-but-cozy decor.  this place was just perfect... curb appeal of a classy colonial home, but the modern interior of a typical new york loft.

but, when we turned the corner, i found this gem! just like the other place, but with the window boxes! as we got closer, however, we realized this place was a dry cleaner :(

still though, to live in this tiny little gated community right in the middle of greenwich village in manhattan?  i'd take ANY of those adorable little homes on macdougal alley!

what's your dream home?!



tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

My dream home is a cabin in the mountains.

With dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

Hena Tayeb said...

A house with a backyard for my boy to play in and a porch to have a bbq.. or enjoy a cup of coffee.. a place for my family to grow and make memories.

Amy Anderson said...

I've walked by there before and thought the same thing! Who lives there, what do they do, and how much do they love their life because THAT is where they live?!

One day. A gal can dream!


Amber said...

i love greenwich village. i love new york city. so beautiful... i've always dreamed of living there.

i think my ultimate dream home is here in Maine, just outside of portland in a more rural area, with a big house for the kids to grow up in and a big yard for them to play outside a lot. close to the ocean for surf and beach play, close to the mountains for snowboarding in winter. close enough to the city (portland) to not get bored.

this was a fun post. <3

xox, amber