Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i only care that you're nice.

stranger or friend
old or young
rich or poor
educated or not
democrat or not....
i only care that you're nice. may not like our president, but mocking him and accusing him of not being an american is just plain rude and ignorant.
i saw this bumper sticker on a car stopped in front of me at a traffic light yesterday...  i know it's inevitable that there will always be people out there like this (i wanted to strangle a few select facebook posters during election time), but it still makes me have smoke come out of my ears.  i understand that we have this thing called the first amendment that protects your freedom of speech, but if you're upset about how our government is ran, DO something, rather than stir up hate.
participate in local politics.
protest (peacefully, and in nice way).
stay informed (i.e. watch BOTH fox news, cnn, c-span, and everything in between).
ok, rant for the day is over ;)


Helene said...

oh so agree. it's frustrating, it seems so many people are uneducated and still have opinions on every thing.
Helene in Between

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely! Bumper stickers or posts like that just stir up hate. I think people blindly promote the 1st amendment. Freedom of speech, absolutely. But freedom of speech does not mean be ignorant in your postings.

Kelly said...

Why are you assuming the person with the bumper sticker isn't doing any of the things you suggest? That seems pretty ignorant on your part.

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

i don't assume that they don't do anything else, if they are passionate enough about politics to put a bumper sticker on their car, they are probably more involved in politics than the average bear. it's the stirring up hate by making fun of/bashing the president that i'm not a fan of...