Friday, January 11, 2013

looks are deceiving

does anyone remember this stuff?

am i the only one that ate this stuff?
am i the only one that had a mother that bought it for us without even asking because she thought it was funny and cheap entertainment?
anyways... my point is, this stuff is just regular old ketchup with a TON of food dye.
and tastes exactly the same!!!
the same is true for those nasty-looking green smoothies everyone is raving about right now. i know they look like someone clipped all of the grass in their back yard and put it in a blender, but i'm here to tell you that's not the case!
green machine smoothie photo greenmachinesmoothie_zps05fcf410.jpg  
spinach is the culprit...
...and adds zero "green" flavors to your otherwise delicious fruity smoothie. only about a handful of spinach will turn your mango (or any other lightly-colored fruit) smoothie to a green machine.  i actually made a mostly-blueberry and banana smoothie and it took 3 big handfuls to turn it into looking that awful green baby poop color (don't recommend THAT much spinach, because now it has a tiny tiny tiny hint of green flavor, but still tastes mostly like blueberries and bananas)
but spinach is just so good for you, and why not add it in when you don't even have to taste it??
don't wanna see it either? toss just ONE handful of spinach into a blueberry smoothie, i promise it will still end up being purple...
so, looks are deceiving.
green smoothies can actually taste like your normal smoothie!
go try it, and tell me what you think ;)
i'm actually eating 2 of these bad boys today, a weekend of pizza-making & girls-night-out dancing and drinking is in store, so a good healthy boost will do my body good before i make it hate me by the time sunday comes around ;)
what's your secret powerhouse ingredient?
cheers to the weekend!!


dreaming en francais said...

I've always heard good things about green smoothies but have never brought myself to try one. You've almost convinced me!

Miranda said...

I definitely remember that ketchup! Lol. I distinctly remember squirting it in my brother's drink one time as a prank, lol.