Monday, January 14, 2013

look good, feel good, do good.

..."famous" words of advice from my college friend who always "looked good" on test-taking and presentation-giving days with the idea that if you think you look good, you'll feel great and you'll do better at these things that might otherwise make you feel hesitant or nervous.

that could have been the theme for the wedding last saturday when he tied the knot with his beautiful bride! the wedding was held at the embassy theatre and hardly needed a spec of wedding decorations to make it feel grand, but yet cozy (those theater people know their acoustics!!)

DSC03624_zps99e79656 photo DSC03624_zps99e79656.jpg   DSC03642_zps2dfec779 photo DSC03642_zps2dfec779.jpg

  DSC03663 photo DSC03663_zps067f9b89.jpg DSC03648_zps4d25d9f7 photo DSC03648_zps4d25d9f7.jpg

DSC03661_zps59de9a75 photo DSC03661_zps59de9a75.jpg DSC03665_zps4075b118 photo DSC03665_zps4075b118.jpg

mr p and i took off driving from jersey city at 6:30pm to go to my mom's house in ohio, went to the wedding, and came back sunday.  we spent just over 24 hours there, and drove a total of just under 24 hours, all to spend a night with my college friends and see another one tie the knot... we'd do it again tomorrow to spend more time with all of those fun faces :)


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Hannah said...

what a glamorous wedding... love it!