Sunday, April 28, 2013

that weekend i had a twin

never before have i heard so many times that my mom and i look alike.
even strangers. the random dude at the soup counter..... everyone.

i guess it's not a bad thing though, she's pretty cool...  and she came to visit last weekend! mr p cooked dinner for us, we spent a few hours at jersey gardens, roamed around manhattan and jersey city, ate at some fantastic restaurants, caught up with some of my friends... it  was the perfect 4-day weekend :)

 photo DSC04119_zps869b4eab.jpg

 photo e1d92f12-b561-4b36-89c9-006cdd07be60_zps4d7aac8e.jpg  photo 59a91f6f-e91e-4b82-aa3a-e06d87adc60c_zps975974f0.jpg

 photo e4dd3c5a-ca0a-4891-8e07-12ff36d19278_zps467a1160.jpg  photo 69388652-7f8a-4585-8b3e-cc6e8db931d3_zps3edbf523.jpg
(and we played with dry ice.  don't ask, her idea...)

 photo DSC04173_zpsb9f669bb.jpg
....and we discovered jersey city's beach! (just kdiding, it's not really a beach, just sand, and i knew it was there, but it's still cool)

 photo DSC04174_zpsa643eb05.jpg

 photo be25ba2e-c214-48d3-8a4c-b355a53a3781_zps9b7e4a81.jpg  photo a35b54cc-a953-480b-adb6-334f0c9bf350_zpsde6ea68c.jpg

 photo DSC04164_zpsb47ce3b1.jpg

 photo DSC04161_zpsfc912f93.jpg

 photo DSC04159_zpsde58183b.jpg

 photo 7b218a60-6682-47eb-b31c-586c6f33495e_zpsf2c5637f.jpg  photo 654953d2-7163-4ee0-907b-4b284a42e7d2_zpsba569fda.jpg

 photo DSC04133_zpsc58509a3.jpg

 photo DSC04144_zpsea68dd58.jpg

 photo DSC04142_zps35127330.jpg

 photo 4fd58e1a-9cca-4c5e-a5ce-d252eb8c598a_zps5e399923.jpg  photo 22a2edb2-ac9e-4981-a60f-5a24616b85cc_zpsec02d900.jpg

can't wait for her next visit!



osmr said...

I bet you had a great time! Did you get into any laughing Marcia usually causes everyone to do? And you went to Bendel? Get a sparkly or a beauty? Glad you had fun!

Kenya said...

Sounds like a fantastic time! Hey will you be joining us for NJ blogger meet up on Saturday?