Friday, October 25, 2013

it's like chipotle, but indian

instead of cilantro-y rice, it has basmati or quinoa
instead of salsas, it has chutneys
instead of guac and sour cream, it has yogurt sauce
instead of fajita veggies for vegetarian, it has paneer
instead of giant flour tortilla wraps, it has giant spinach or wheat roti, don't get me wrong, i love me some good chipotle (mexican food is my favorite type of food, whether it's very authentic or taco bell, i love it all and anything in between)

...but this place is just a nice change from your standard mexican fare.  it's cheap, its' quick, it's delicious, it's full of flavor (well, duh jenn, it's indian food), it's spicy, and best of all: it's healthy    (health-IER than other take-out/dine-out options)

greene chutney grill

 photo 2013-10-242_zps918c7c4d.jpg

i was actually the only one of the 4 of us who ordered a "rice" bowl, though, because there are so many other great things on the menu.  in it i ordered quinoa, grilled chicken, ALL the veggies, spinach sauce, and tamarind sauce.  for $10, it was enough for 2 meals... except ... we sat in the restaurant sipping on mango yogurt shakes and chai masala teas with friends afterwards, just enough time for me to keep picking at it so much there were just a few bites left.  oops!  normally the bowls are just $8, but because i wanted quinoa instead of basmati rice, they added $2, and i was ok with it, it says it on their menu.

greene chutney is located near the corner of greene st and montgomery st in the paulus hook neighborhood of jersey city.  if you're close, make this a staple take-out place.  if you're not  so close, take advantage of it being SO close to exchange place and enjoy the views of manhattan's financial district on the water!  we surely did....

 photo 2013-10-241_zpsa5e2d5c6.jpg

look at those cuties...  wish them luck running the NYC Marathon a week from sunday! these two awesome people trained for over 2 years, due to hurricane sandy ruining their plans for running in the marathon last year :(

make greene chutney your next lazy day take-out, or turn it into a cheap date by taking a stroll by the water afterwards, either way, you're gonna love it.


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Charlotte Steggz said...

That looks amazing! I may have to try and recreate that at home!