Thursday, December 26, 2013

a jersey city christmas, and our december date

mr p and i stayed in jersey city this christmas.  after several FaceTime sessions with each of our families yesterday, we certainly felt like we missed out on family christmas cheer. but it's not too often that we truly get a day to ourselves to do nothing and relax, so we did just that.  we never got out of our pj's, ate delicious food, watched some christmas classics, and enjoyed our time with each other.

 photo photo1-2_zps8329de21.jpg  photo photo2-2_zps1215b0d6.jpg
(why yes, that IS a fireplace on our television…)

we also decided to do our december date night at newport skates and orale mexican kitchen on christmas eve.  it was certainly chilly, but it was fun to walk around our neighborhood on the rather quiet night, seeing all the christmas decorations…  so we made a little video to remember our first (and maybe last…) christmas spent in jersey city…

Christmas 2013 from jenn @ beyond the stoop on Vimeo.
(background music is, of course, by my favorite christmas manly voice, nat king cole, singing " the christmas song ")

thank you all for reading, for your kind words, and your support for this creative outlet of ours.

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happy holidays, friends :)


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Seen in Jersey City said...

Now this is how to do Christmas in Jersey City! Great video!