Tuesday, August 26, 2014

pre-wedding pre-gaming

it's sort of hard for even us to believe this, but prior to the night before our wedding , some of my family had never met hung's family .  we figured that instead of having a super awkward situation where they had to introduce themselves when they walked into city hall, we organized a casual outing at zeppelin hall  beer garden in jersey city the night before.  it was the perfect setting for everyone (including kids til 9:30pm!) to eat what they wanted, when they wanted, grab beers when they wanted, stay as late or leave as early as they wanted… and it really is a great place for our group of 15.

the night before THAT though, we snagged a night with just my mom's side of the family , and hung whipped up a quick ratatouille with seasoned rice and steak.  it was nice to spend some time with them before the craziness started.

 photo DSC08493.jpg

after everyone started arriving thursday afternoon, we started to feel the "rush".  flowers were being delivered to the house, people filled our living room.

 photo DSC08502.jpg

but the night at zeppelin hall was so fun.  we think our families are so different from each other, until we put them together with food and beer, and the conversations and laughter didn't stop until we left.  maybe they aren't so different after all!  see more after the jump.

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 photo DSC08522.jpg  photo DSC08531.jpg  photo DSC08534.jpg  photo DSC08546.jpg  photo DSC08547.jpg  photo DSC08549.jpg  photo DSC08560.jpg  photo DSC08562.jpg  photo DSC08563.jpg

our wedding weekend was so much fun, and that was just the beginning :)



Marcia L said...

It WAS very nice when we got everyone together. And Hung's cooking is ALWAYS good. : )

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

What a wonderful post, food always brings people together!!