Monday, August 18, 2014

we said "i do"

welp, if you're wondering why i've been posting so many sneak peaks into our wedding style, it's because…..

 photo 9639d8fc-8140-4ba4-820f-4e8b0305353b.jpg
photo by cheyenne mojica


we didn't talk about it much to anyone other than family and local friends, because we wanted it to be low-key.  we just went to city hall, we had our little less-than-5-minute ceremony, and boom! we were married :)  only our immediate family members were invited, making it a total of 15 of us (plus our awesome photographer cheyenne mojica )! with nearly perfect weather, our normally-sweaty selves were able to snag some great shots with cheyenne , and walk everywhere without breaking a sweat.  as my husband (so weird to say) says, it was because of positive thinking :P

i'm going to spare the details for a future post, once we get some of the good photos back from cheyenne.  i can't wait to share!!

cheers, readers :)


Marcia L said...

I'm with my new son-in-law on the positive thinking!!! It goes far…: )

alyssam said...

Congratulations! I love your bouquet!