Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"his" family

"his" family has treated me like one of their own since day one.
"his" family has values that put family before anything else.
"his" family is a bunch of goofballs (and welcomes my goofball-ness too)
"his" family has such rich history that excites me to learn about and become a part of.
"his" family has a bunch of DAMN good cooks (and a mother who tells me the secret recipes)

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family10.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family9.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family8.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family7.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family6.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family5.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family4.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family3.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family2.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family1.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family13.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family11.jpg

 photo 2014-08-12_his_family12.jpg

....and i'm excited to say that "his" family will soon become "our" family!!


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Anna Vee said...

What a lovely post! And congratulations to you both! :)