Saturday, November 8, 2014

my (his) best friend's (indian) wedding

although i quite enjoyed saying these words, i think i said "bedazzled" and "bedazzles" more times last weekend than the rest of my life combined.  obviously i'm talking about an indian wedding! hung's best friend, to be exact.  nope, he's not indian, but his wife is, and they had the most beautiful wedding (with lots of bedazzles) 

 photo DSC09989.jpg

 i was told that indian weddings are long, which i assumed in my head to mean boring.  no so, my friend!  when you're given food (GOOD food), you can smear turmeric on the groom's face (and hands and feet and back), you get to watch a group of white guys try to learn bollywood dance moves, you get to spend time with familiar faces, you get to dress up in bedazzles, and you get to see two amazing people on the happiest days of their lives... you're pretty entertained (and exhausted, but that's ok).

i'll let the photos to the talking but we're so happy we could be a part of such a fun, exciting time in their lives :)

 photo indian_wedding_00081.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00107.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00152.jpg
 photo fdf26027-3fa9-44b0-a031-e3df406157ac.jpg  photo c748c451-5e84-47ff-b74e-1310d058d5fa.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00154.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00161.jpg  photo indian_wedding_00170.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00162.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00164.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00176.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00184.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00186.jpg
 photo e1f487d7-aaf0-42e9-a22d-ba6b55a973fc.jpg  photo b9c0f239-addd-4810-82dc-99c252a9fdf3.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00273.jpg  photo indian_wedding_00282.jpg  photo 22c7315f-dc82-43dc-9d05-9dbab47c40b4.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00331.jpg
 photo 1ddff306-047a-4e5a-8055-5bb9a18ffde5.jpg  photo 1be57c57-af0d-426a-9d93-e078733cd4bd.jpg
 photo 85b93b4e-ac44-4950-95eb-5604e7fc39a5.jpg
 photo 9f78fe76-94d0-417f-aaec-fdda04ae13a8.jpg  photo indian_wedding_00369.jpg
 photo b8c8022a-7951-4d08-961e-8f55d589837e.jpg  photo 5a869e62-5867-431b-afd3-e15541b7bed8.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00394.jpg
 photo 1b3ff28c-572a-4612-979e-e53f7f149bba.jpg
 photo eda8cd17-0232-4fa4-a9c7-8490adb45d48.jpg  photo dabbb202-06c8-46c0-bb43-ece02c402463.jpg
 photo ee12f4be-df3a-423a-8596-b27de88072e4.jpg
 photo 9c9ce875-41bb-435e-a8e4-0ef993711b38.jpg  photo fbb333e9-1ceb-474e-b59d-778decfa409f.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00408.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00418.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00419.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00420.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00427.jpg
 photo indian_wedding_00436.jpg

what a fantastic wedding weekend for a fantastic duo.  we love you guys!



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Charlotte Steggz said...

Oh wow that looks like such good fun! The bride is GORGEOUS!

Dana said...

Awesome photos!! We had a great time with you guys!