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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enterpreneur in Training

...ok so maybe the title is a little ambitious, but I at least want to give it my best shot! 

I've been pretty obsessed with a website called "Etsy" for a long time.  If you are not familiar with it, it is basically the "Buy it now" section of Ebay, but for handmade and vintage items as well as supplies.  I've bought a few things on it, and look at it multiple times a day.  Its on my daily list of facebook,,, craigslist, and Hoboken News sites that I go through almost religiously.  I've always thought myself to be crafty, but I would have never thought to try to sell any of my crafts and goods online, or anywhere really. 

Etsy is the perfect solution! It only costs me $0.20 to post, and they get 3.5% of the sale, not bad!  Last night I finally posted an item!  I posted slippers that I knitted.  They are made from a pattern given to me from my grandma, a pattern that she has used to knit slippers for all of her grandchildren, and even some of my friends (well, before I learned how to knit).  They are cute, fun, SUPER comfy, and so simple to make.  I always asked my grandma to put a puff ball on the ones she made for me, but I wasn't sure how people would like it, so I left it off of the ones I posted (maybe I will post another paid WITH a puff?).

Though my store on Etsy looks a little grim, with only one post, I hope to increase the inventory (haha, I have to use business terms in this newly found business).  Many stores have hundreds of items, but I hope those people either craft for a living, or have helpers, because that's just nuts to have so many things for sale!  Can you imagine if I had 100 pairs of slippers for sale in my apartment!? They would all probably get thrown away in my other half's decluttering rampages.  None the less, I hope people begin buying my knitted goods, it would be nice to have a little extra income! If I do the math though, I only make about $4/hour doing it, but it's ok, I enjoy it! 

For those of you who saw pictures from Santacon, I will be posting Santa beard hats around the holiday season, so keep your eyes out for them!  I need to perfect the pattern a little more before doing so, but it's only summer, right? I have lots of time!

Here's the link to my (only) post on Etsy, and maybe you can peruse to millions of other items posted, and help support small businesses alike!