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Thursday, May 3, 2012

first-timer: atlantic city & casinos

i don't know how i've managed to live in New Jersey for two and a half years and NOT go to atlantic city yet!

i'm ending that streak this weekend....

i'm really looking forward to just taking a step away from the city life, and live the good life for a few days... this weekend will be filled with good friends, lots of booze, lots of dancing, and and possibly a nice walk on the beach...

oh.. and i will (legally) gamble for the first time in all 25 years i've been in this world!!  shocking, i know.  i don't even know if i've ever bought a lottery ticket (only gifts and when mr p and i took our shot at winning the GIANT mega millions a few months ago)

though we will be going with AC veterans....
does anyone else have any good tips for atlantic city? or gambling & casinos in general?  
i'm the newbie, and i'll take any tips i can get :D

have a great weekend!