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Friday, July 20, 2012

cat saturdays

for some reason today, i got to work feeling giddy .

it could be because i'm seeing my bestest high school friends a week from TODAY!

it could be because i got an email from one of my mexico trip girls asking about music selections for music on the beach (less than two months away!!) ...which made me super anxious to see those lovely ladies :D

it could be because i'm getting to see LOCAL friends this weekend (oh hey, guys, no we didn't forget about you, we just have too many people to see that live in too many different AWESOME places)

it could be because i got an email from chobani yesterday saying "hey, we wanna hook you up with some free CHO!" (uh, yes please! we're totally getting into this using-plain-yogurt-in-unconventional-dishes thing)


it COULD be because tomorrow is cat saturday!!

i’m totally convinced that the sole reason for mr p introducing me to this awful awful ly “interesting” website is so my desperate NEED to get a cat subsides, and I’m fully entertained by looking at OTHER cats.

well… it’s actually working … for now.

so, without further ado, I now bring you last saturday's  cat Saturday , from  

go be entertained. and be forever insta-excited when you wake up on Saturday mornings!! (and don't look at the rest of the website... there's a bunch of boobs. and i'm guessing you're probably a girl who's reading this, and you don't want to see boobs)

on another cat-related note, this website is pretty funny too.

cheers to the weekend!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

nerd bird

i may tease mr p for playing video games a lot.
i may think he's got the sexy nerd look down to a T with his sexy glasses.
i may not understand comics, or understand what he thinks is so interesting about them.
and, i may think he's a nerd, but only sometimes.

and sometimes i KNOW i'm a nerd too.

i may not be coordinated enough to use all the buttons on an xbox controller...

but i can slash fruit like it's my job .

that's 1121... not 112... in just 60 seconds, AND hit two bombs.. i'm either a nerd bird , or a lucky duck
(most likely both)

 do you play fruit ninja too?  please tell me i'm not the only nerd .
what games are you addicted to your favorite? (and don't tell me angry birds!!)