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Monday, June 25, 2012

only in NYC: yoga in times square

when you think of the busiest place in new york city , what place comes to mind?

times square of course!!

then... how about we block off the square to the public, and put 4,000 yoga-performing-awesome-people in it instead. 
logical, right?

only in new york city, i say!!

 haha.  only in times square will you find a boob taller than your body that's NOT a billboard for a night club.... AND it was on the AMERICAN EAGLE sign to boot!

view from lying down on my yoga mat.  in the middle of times square.  it's not everyday you can do this!!

(check out the event here )

so... it wasn't exactly the best yoga class (come on... getting thousands of people to do the same thing at the same time by shouting through loud speakers is pretty darn hard.  it's times square people!! it's NEVER quiet!!!)   but... it was still pretty awesome. it was a of "check that off the NYC bucket list" sort of experience.
wait.. now i need to make a "NYC bucket list".

do you do yoga? do you take classes or do it on your own? a video in your living room maybe?

i really like yoga, but i can't pay for two "gyms" and would like to start doing it at home... but can you get the same serenity in your own living room as you do in the calmness of the yoga studio with a real person instructing you?  and how long do you do it for? is 15 or 30 minutes good, or should i try for a 60-minute session? longer?

i'd love to hear your thoughts!!