Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gadget you Gotta Get: Lemon Squeezer

I used to really hate when recipes called for "fresh squeezed lemon juice," and I was always dissapointed with by results, because I always substituted fresh squeezed lemon juice with the kind you buy in the store in the little plastic lemons or bottles (big mistake).  Who wants to stand there and actually squeeze 5 lemons just to get a little bit when you can just have the bottle in the fridge and measure and pour without going through the pain and hassle of actually squeezing the lemons?  It was sort of a no-brainer that I would make this awful substitution.

Then, randomly in the mail, I received a gadget I had never even seen before. (maybe I was stuck in my own little bubble or something, because I see them everywhere now).  My mom sent me a lemon squeezer in the mail!  I didn't really think anything of it until I started using it and got at least DOUBLE the juice out of my lemons compared to hand-squeezing them!!

This is why I urge you to get one if you don't already have one.  I'm not sure about groceries around you, but it seems that lemons and limes are always on sale at Shoprite.  Last week, in fact, we just bought 8 limes for $2, even though we had no plans for them in the weekly menu.  We always end up using them, even if we just turn them into fresh-squeezed limeade (lime juice, sugar, water, delicious...)

Lemons and limes are so handy to have in stock in the fridge.  We almost never buy salad dressing, because it's so easy just to whip up a vinaigrette with vinegar, oil and lemon (and whatever other tasty herbs and spices you want to add).  When eating a light stir-fry, we dip the meat in a salt, pepper, and lemon juice mixture.  Lime juice is an essential part of making guacamole.  They also have good health benefits such as antioxidants and vitamin C.

I promise it will be worth the $12 or so you will spend if you get one (don't get the $4 cheap plastic one, it won't last).  Then, go make some limeade, it's the BEST refreshing treat in this never-ending heat :D


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