Thursday, August 4, 2011

Childhood Dream Come True

Remember when I mentioned that when I was little I saved all the Lucky Charms marshmallows for last? (ok I admit, if I had Lucky Charms in my house right now, I'd still do the same thing)  Well, has just taken this idea to a whole new level......

Thanks to an article posted on, I now know that I can buy magically delicious cereal marshmallows IN BULK!!!  There must be a 8 year old entrepreneur out there.... or just someone with 8-year-old priorities (like all of us in our heads wish we could have).  Who is this genius who came up with the idea?  Nathan Wratislaw from  His website even has recipes for those of you who want to, for one day, turn your cooking brains to that of your inner 8-year-old.  I might try making rice krispies with Lucky Charms marshmallows (or maybe even just using the marshmallows in lieu of the rice krispies, don't judge, marshmallows stuck together by melted marshmallows can only be mouth-wateringly delicious)

Photo courtesy of
Yes, all those bags are full of JUST marshmallows.

When I first read this, I thought "Wow, a whole box of just marshmallows? Yes, please!"  But that is just the beginning.  This website allows you to put in orders of up to 95 POUNDS!!!  If the average cereal box is holds roughly 16 oz of cereal, that's filling 95 boxes with JUST marshmallows!  1 cup of marshmallows is definitely lighter than 1 cup of the average cereal too, so 95 pounds would probably fill more than 95 boxes.  But still... crazy right?

I think I might have to buy just one of their 7oz bags.  Or maybe not, because it would get too addicting... (sigh) 


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