Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Sweet NEW Home

Goodbye, Hoboken.  Hello Jersey City!  ...well... in a month or so.  Mr P and I have an amazing opportunity to live in a new apartment in Jersey City, and last night we picked up the new keys!!  Though I really enjoy living in Hoboken, this was something we just couldn't pass up.  Our new neighborhood is mostly brownstones, walking distance to several mom-and-pop groceries (including a Vietnamese grocery!!! yayayaya) as well as a big box grocery, and several gyms, laundromats, bars, and restaurants.

Mr P and I will have our hands full in the next month doing (mostly) minor renovations.  We are both really excited to be able to put our own touch of style on a place without breaking the bank, considering this will still just be a rental.  It will also give us an opportunity to try our hands at being handy (starting with watching many many youtube how-to videos) before we eventually buy a place sometime in the future.

Mr P is most excited to have a stoop.  He wants to be able to just sit on the front stoop, have a drink in hand, and watch the people go by.  Luckily we will be moving in just in time for fall, perfect for jeans and a sweatshirt weather, and possibly some hot cider? 

I am most excited to have a fire escape and a small backyard that's almost like a "secret garden", or at least that's what I am going to turn it into next summer!! I am eager to become a green thumb next summer with bigger plants in the garden and a potted herb garden out the kitchen window on the fire escape.  Also on the list of things to buy will definitely be a small charcoal grill.  Our friends had a cookout a few weekends ago, and we enjoyed the taste of the grill and being around great company so much that we decided it was a must to add to the list.

The electricity had not been turned on yet when we tried to take another sneak peak at the new place last evening, so we couldn't get any pictures.  We explored the waterfront just a few blocks away, though, and snagged this picture of the waterfront looking across the Hudson River at Manhattan's financial district, with the not-yet-finished Freedom Tower already looming above the other highrises of lower Manhattan.

Wish us luck with the exciting challenges ahead of us!



Dana said...

Best of luck with the move! Hopefully the new place is conducive to having weekend guests! ;)

Mrs.H said...

I'm happy that you guys liked the place:) My grandmother would be very pleased to know that there are people renting... especially people that we know:) Good Luck!!