Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leftovers Time Equals Dessert TIme!

Since we have so many leftovers and we're just microwaving noodles for dinner, I decided to take the reigns in the kitchen and bake a dessert!  Well, I was gonna make it anyways.  After seeing this recipe  from Taste Food Blog featured on, I knew I had to make it.  We had overripe bananas in the freezer and all of the rest of the ingredients except for some coconut flakes.  I used to always throw away bananas that were too brown to eat, but after I started making smoothies and breads more often, I always keep them and just freeze them!  ...even if I don't have an immediate use for them.  There's nothing like getting a craving to make banana bread now , and not having brown bananas.

I also thought I would add a runny frosting to the top.  I knew that confectioner's sugar, milk, and vanilla made a frosting with the consistency that I wanted, but I wanted it to be more coconuty!!  So, I used cream of coconut instead!  It turned the mixture into more of like a paste or dough instead of runny frosting, so I still added a drizzle of milk, but it added the perfect coconut taste that I was looking for!

Banana Coconut Bread:

Recipe found here from Taste Food Blog  (I added a handful of walnuts too!)


1 1/4 cup confectioners sugar
3 tbsp cream of coconut
1 tsp milk
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all together and drizzle over bread!


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