Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homemade Pho is "Pho Sho" the Best

We had the pleasure of eating the left over pho from this past weekend.  It was frozen in the freezer, as well as frozen pre-cut flank steak that we bought from the Asian grocery.  I told Mr P that the flank steak we buy from that Asian grocery is sooo much better than what we can buy at our local A&P or Shoprite.  There was no hesitation when he quickly replied, "babe, don't you remember? there was the guy in the back cutting all the beef himself."  Oh yeeeaaah.... it's fresh.  That's why it tastes so good.  There was probably less than 24 hours between a live cow, the man cutting it, us buying it, us cutting it into thin strips, and freezing it.

Anyways, Mr P bought the onion, bean sprouts, herbs, and limes (5 for $1!! Thanks again Korean bodega).  All we had to do was clean and cut the veggies and boil the broth!  Done!

Remember our Jeni's ice cream base from yesterday?  We made the ice cream today!  ...with mint extract and Andes chocolate mints... yummmm :D

We made just one batch, and Mr P gave me a ridiculously small container to put it in the freezer.  To my comment of "What are you thinking?  That's entirely too small" he replied "Well it won't be after you serve everyone a bowl of it!!"   Ha, of course.  My bad :P


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