Wednesday, January 4, 2012

fresh start

I think you all know that Mr P and I are crazy about food.  ALL food.  There aren't many things we don't like.

So, when I had thoughts about doing a detox, I knew I was up for a challenge! 

No meat (well, sort of)
No dairy
No wheat
No caffeine
No added sugar
No processed foods
No alcohol

I know, I'm totally nuts for even attempting this.  My sweet tooth is bigger than anyone I know, I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day, and when I need a snack, I don't exactly go reaching for the carrots.

But, with that said, I crave too much sugar, too much caffeine, and I overeat.  Hopefully this 28-day challenge will curb some of those cravings and put me on the right track for eating healthier!  I want to be able to eat healthy and spend 30 minutes at the gym and WANT to go, feeling great about the short workout, instead of feeling guilty that I couldn't pass up the Friday bagels at work and need to run 5 miles to burn it off (then NOT go to the gym because the long workout seems so awful).

I researched a few websites that had pretty intense programs.  I'm not doing a liquid diet, and I'm not going to buy crazy expensive ingredients that I will go to 5 groceries to find and end up spending double my budgeted grocery bill. 

I'm doing the 2012 Whole Living Action Plan .  I used to get Whole Living Magazine in the mail, and LOVED it, so I'm hoping it will go well!

Towards the end of the challenge, some of the boycotted foods slowly enter back into your diet, so it's not like I have to boycott the foods forever. At the same time though, I hope I don't dive right into old eating habits either.

Wish me luck! Week 1 is just fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds (glad I made a huge pot of brown rice last night thinking I was allowed to eat it this week..)

Have you done any detox plans in the past? Are you doing one now?  Do you want to try this one with me? Let me know!

just J (no H... Mr P likes his milk, bread, and meat too much to join.... but it will curb his eating habits a bit too I think... He'll just have to go back to my advice I told him after he unintentionally lost 20 pounds, "Eat a Big Mac on your way home everyday, but don't tell me")

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