Sunday, February 19, 2012

go on adventure, i will

(don't mind my attempt at speaking in the backwards sentence structure mastered only by the jedi master)

two episodes done, one to go!  mr p's valentine's day gift from me was kit kats (of course, any gift to him from me is accompanied by kit kats) and all 6 episodes of star wars.  he's, of course, seen them all, and practically knows them all by heart, but I'VE never seen them (nor did i have an ounce of desire to see them either), so my budget-friendly-but-totally-awesome V-Day gift to him is watching them with him!  (i was deemed the title "best girlfriend ever"....thanks for the sneaky help last weekend in philly, zack!!  you can have the title of mr p's "best best-friend ever", too)  so today we are watching the "first" three movies: IV, V, and VI.  mr p wanted to do 6 in one day, but i said that was totally pushing the limits!!

after the first movie, we took a break at the warehouse cafe a few blocks away from our house.  i heard it had intelligentsia coffee, and it looked super cute, so what a better time to get out and get some fresh air, than a day when we intentionally planned to be cooped up on the couch all day?

does this bring back childhood memories for anyone?
we totally had one of these, except it wasn't spray-painted silver.

yesterday, however, we planned an adventure! adventure in BROOKLYN!!

(before that, though, mr p and i were very productive in getting my car serviced, getting some necessary necessities at lowe's and pc richards & sons, and couldn't pass up on some white castle on our way home....  and ate it in the parking lot of BJ's... classic)

most of the time, we don't venture past that "other island" in between us and brooklyn (i.e. manhattan). but, if we take the world trade center PATH train, getting to brooklyn is just as quick (or even quicker!) than getting to some of our regular neighborhoods in manhattan.

we planned a first stop at buschenschank, a relatively new german restaurant/pub in between the carroll gardens and cobble hill neighborhoods.  what a great starting spot!  we all tried delicious german beers, and munched on a meat and cheese platter and a homemade pretzel with a brie/beer cheese sauce.

this new neighborhood had so many fun places, we couldn't help but stop in what looked like a very authentic italian bakery.  court pastry shop totally won our hearts. and our tummies .  nick got a HUGE and very tasty lobster tail, while mr p got a similar pastry that was filled with a not-super-sweet ricotta filling, and christina and i got cookies.  

i've become a fig fanatic lately.  and last night totally satisfied my fig-tooth.  there were figs on the meat and cheese plate at buschenschank, and fig cookies at the bakery (totally better than fig newtons, of course).

as we headed to the next destination, it began to sprinkle, so we popped into the closest bar and grabbed another drink.  they had my favorite "indulgence" beer on tap... lindeman's framboise.  it's hardly classified as a beer in my book, but totally delicious... tangy, sweet, more like a bubbly juice than a beer.

(and sooo red!  even the bubbles were red!)

next up was another bar close by called the brazen head (no no no, totally not the same as brazenhead in columbus, but equally as awesome)  

but what made this a destination, you ask?

$1 oysters and $5 bowls of clam chowda!!!

i've recently decided that i like those slime-y fishy things, and (brace yourself) i had  NEVER  tried clam chowder before!!  ...though i was positive i was going to love it.  ...aaand i did.   and helped myself to 2 bowls of it.

last stop (totally unplanned, but mr p couldn't help but be lured in by the bright sign and smell of burgers and fries)... CHECKERS!!

that floor made me feel like i was walking into a fun house.

....and those fries!!  ...all seasoned and battered, i couldn't help but steal a few from mr p!

as we got back to jersey city, the plan was to go home and have a few more "free" drinks, though mr p had his eyes set on a mcd's shamrock shake, and the rest of us were set on going to park and sixth (since it's only 1 block from home and i've been dying to try it out)

we ordered drinks and mr p came in later with his shamrock shake (i warned the waitress he's be in with some food from "another restaurant")  since we all ordered drinks, we decided to throw in some vodka to the shamrock shake! (who DOES that?)  to complete my night of figs, i ordered a special cocktail from the menu that was FIG VODKA and pineapple juice!  so delicious (but not worth the hefty price tag...)

mr p also decided that all the food we had that night wasn't enough, so he ordered mac and cheese 10 minutes before the kitchen closed... so good... it was, just... you have to try it...  

a little sweet for "everyday" mac and cheese, but totally hit the spot last night

all that, and the adventure ended before midnight ... now that's our kind of night! (god, we're getting old)

so... 1 more movie to go, today!  i guess they aren't so bad, afterall :D

(doesn't he just look so stinkin' cute in his old-man hat?)

cheers to a great week ahead!  



Dana said...

I recently saw all the Star Wars with Mike as well! (Of course he already owned them though). But I was not deemed "best girlfriend ever." Just an acceptable human being.

osmr said...

Sounds like a really fn night in Brooklyn!! Makes me want to fly out ASAP! I cannot believe the amount of food you guys consume, but given the options you have, I can't blame you. I do believe I am a bit envious. Keep posting so I may continue to live vicariously through you!! :)

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

Dana: I really feel like I'm going to be "int he loop" when ALL the boys make Star Wars references now! (best part about it)

osmr: We consume a lot of GOOD food (well, not all classy, considering we had White Castle AND Checkers in the same day) but we counter it with eating healthy most of the time and getting in a few good workouts in the week :D ...and yes, with such good food around us, we can't help ourselves!

Jo Dhesi said...

wow looks like an awesome night in brooklyn!!!

kellichristinecase said...

i'm amazed that you love the fish stuff so much!!!!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

ahhh the oysters were SOO scary the first time! but if you like clams or even COOKED mussels, you would be fine, too :D