Sunday, March 25, 2012

no ice-cream-maker? no problem.

do you like bananas?

do you like peanut butter?

do you like chocolate?


because those are the only ingredients you need to make some TO-DIE-FOR "ice cream".

i found this recipe on Use Real Butter, and was highly intrigued.  to be honest, i thought it was going to be yet another pinterest recipe FAIL .  much to my surprise, mr p and i downed the entire batch in all of about 3 minutes.  

oh, and it's vegan and gluten-free to boot 
(but you don't have to tell anyone that part if you don't want, it might scare them off thinking it's some sort of "health" food... even though it really is, it's just good.)

3-Ingredient Ice Cream
(a modified version of this recipe from Use Real Butter)

2 frozen bananas (chopped into "coins" before freezing)
1 tbsp creamy peanut butter
1 tsp cocoa (i used baking cocoa, but whatever powdered chocolate you have would probably work)

1. toss frozen banana coins into the food processor and chop until smooth 
(it takes a while for it to get smooth, so be patient, and scrape down the sides as necessary.  i actually added a splash of almond milk to get it going, and it made it instantly smooth!  but i promise it will get smooth without milk if you are patient enough!)

2. add in peanut butter and cocoa, and blitz until thoroughly mixed 
(no exact measurements are necessary, just use as much as you want really...)


eat right away (like we clearly did) or put in the freezer for an hour or so for it to get a bit harder (ours turned out more like gelato, and OH so good!)

so few ingredients...

bananas are mixing!

add the peanut butter and cocoa.

insta-ice cream!

i also added some shaved coconut flakes on top for a bit more flavor, just because i had it, but it's totally not necessary.  you could add anything you want in in really... the frozen bananas is just a great base for basically any type of ice cream, so long as you are ok with a hint of banana flavor!!

topped with coconut flakes, but TOASTED coconut flakes would be even better!

bon appetit!


(and let me know if you become as obsessed with this fantastic recipe as we have!)



Jo Dhesi said...

OMG I am going to try this!

Sue said...

Definitely going to try this. My overripe bananas never seem to last, what with all the smoothies and banana bread and now, this.

Unknown said...

I've just made this, and it's so good! I put some chunks of peanut on the top... so simple and delicious