Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"oh... you live in JERsey"

i sort of get that line a lot.

as if it's some gross far away place (new yorkers really DO have terrible geography skills outside the limits of the 5 boroughs, or even just outside manhattan for that matter)

to people in manhattan it's practically as inconvenient as LA.

sometimes we even get that line from people we visit back in ohio (as if THAT is any closer!! lol)

i took this photo while on the 102nd floor observatory of the empire state building with my mom  a few weeks ago specifically to put the "nyc metro area" into perspective.  besides the whole being in the state of new jersey thing, jersey city (and hoboken for that matter) really could be considered "the sixth borough" considering how close it is to all things manhattan.....

 photo ewjersey_zpse4550514.jpg

NOW who's coming to visit?!?

we have a comfy air mattress and cozy couch for you to sleep on!
(we may be minutes from manhattan and have cheaper rent, but we still don't have much space...)


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Christina said...

Not all New Yorkers have terrible geography! The one's who move away tend to get the "bigger picture" after a while :)

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