Monday, January 27, 2014

wait, the super bowl is in new jersey?

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that's right, my friends. 

to those of you local people, you already know the tension/mockery that surrounds the whole "new york" jets and the "new york" giants.  afterall, they do play in new jersey.  

so why does the press still say the "new york" super bowl?

i'm still asking the same question.
(perhaps it has something to do with money, but i'm going to ignore any of those excuses)

i mean, times square is even setting up a big to-do for the super bowl.  last time i checked manhattan was a little too crowded to build a football stadium on it's own turf (pun-intended). and in last night's press conference at the westin, seahawks coach pete carroll even said how he was "glad to be back in new york." luckily councilman rich boggiano corrected him, stopping him in his tracks before he went on repeating his mistake, and reminded him that he was actually in jersey city, new jersey.  read the full story here .

one thing is for sure though, jersey city is getting quite the press for hosting the players downtown at the hyatt and the westin .  if governor christie and the rest of new jersey can't push to show the rest of the country that this huge event is actually in new jersey, and not new york, at least our mayor, steve fulop, will do justice for jersey city, proudly promoting jersey city as a key element to the big game (even if he does look like a "young man", at just 36 years old, and john elway doesn't even recognize him when fulop asked for his autograph, read the good laugh here )

in the meantime, i might just happen to take a stroll down to the hyatt to catch a glimpse of some players.  i mean, when else am i going to have that many football players just a few minutes walk from my house?

happy monday, my friends!


ps. image via mayor fulop's twitter account , go follow him...  and follow me too @beyondthestoop  while you're at it.

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