Friday, April 11, 2014

happy friday!

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gosh i can't hardly hold in the excitement over here.  we have so many things to share about the new place, and so many things to look forward to in the coming weeks i can't hardly stand it!  it really helps that it's so warm outside that i don't need a jacket.  and that we finally got some window shades for the new place so i don't have to change my clothes in the kitchen in the morning anymore (more on these next week!)

however, there is one HUGE sad/scary/dreadful/totally-not-looking-forward-to-it fact that looms over me today:

today is the last day to drive on the eastbound pulaski skyway before it's shut down for the next TWO YEARS.

guys, this is huge.  the issue was even featured (glorified) in the new york times recently (see the aricle here) .  if you don't know about new jersey traffic going into new york city, IT'S ALREADY INSANE . and gets backed up nearly every day.  the problem with living in the neighborhood right outside the holland tunnel is that i have to drive in holland tunnel traffic everyday.  i sit in line just like the people going to manhattan, but i don't. i go to jersey city.  there are 2  major ways to get to the holland tunnel: I-78 or the pulaski skyway, and the pulaski skyway "inbound" (aka "going to manhattan") lanes are shutting down for 2 years.  this means my commute home from work is going to be much longer for the next two years (how much? i'll let you know monday) on top of that, there's an exit for jersey city on I-78 that can let people "cut through" my neighborhood to get to the tunnel.  i have nightmares of gridlock in downtown jersey city.... again, if it is actually "that" bad, you will certainly know about it :P

anyways, i'll face my fears on monday, but until then we get to enjoy our mostly-unpacked, mostly-uncluttered apartment all weekend long! starting with a nice evening with some trump winery wine with our friends who moved into our old place :)

happy friday!


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Amanda said...

That's so exciting about the new place, cannot wait to see lots of pictures! But I am so sorry about the pulaski skyway! Hopefully traffic won't be too much worse :/