Friday, July 11, 2014

city lights

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some of our best summer nights are those where we make dinner at home and go for an evening stroll.  lots of times we're too busy caught up in what feels like a race during the week.  there's rarely an evening that we relax and slow down.  if we're not going to kickboxing, we're going to dinner with friends, we're working late, we're making plans with friends we never get to see enough.  if we've got a half hour to spare, it's enough time to walk to the bodega to pick up those two things we need.  it's sort of our "thing" that we're on the go with no looking back.

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but when these two came to visit, it was just nice. we (by "we" i mean hung) made paella for dinner and we all took a relaxing stroll to the water.  it's just so peaceful out there.  the sound of the water, the bright city lights of the manhattan skyline, the inevitable breeze.  although we were just a pit stop on their drive to boston, we were more than happy to host (that's what that second bedroom is for, right?? for people to use it!)

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it's friday, guys.  take a second to slow down this weekend.  read a book outside, put down the phone, lay on the beach, or go for an evening walk.  hung went for a walk with me a few nights ago and gosh it was just so nice to get out of the house, get rid of the distractions, enjoy the weather, and enjoy each other (well, i think walking through hamilton park will put a smile on anyone's face, really)

cheers to the weekend!

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