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Friday, January 9, 2015

happy friday


a belated christmas gift from a vendor at work? flattering.
my (old) last name spelled like THAT? priceless.

also, this hilarious spelling was sort of comical given the current weather conditions outside (so cold the air hurts my face kind of cold).

my brother-in-law is coming to town this weekend and he said he just wants to eat ramen... eat ramen all weekend.  i think this sounds like an excellent plan.  i mean, delicious rich pork-y noodle soup every few hours after walking around NYC? yes. yes i like the sounds of that.  (well, except for the fact that i finally ate right and went to kickboxing everyday this week, eating all that ramen would totally make up for any effort during the week and MORE! sigh... if only i had infinite metabolism when i wanted it...)

happy friday!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

skiing in jersey city

 photo photo_zps743f7006.jpg

....just in case you are wondering... yes, those ARE ski tracks, and yes, that tiny person at the end of the street IS a person that cross-country skied down my sidewalk. she had the ski poles and everything.

it's been quite the lovely day NOT being in the office today.  
- i shoveled my sidewalk and stoop (and my neighbor's) THREE times
- i watched a few episodes of gossip girl on netflix (everyone WAS right when they said it got really weird in season 4)
- i had lunch with friends at sam a.m. and got my favorite fruits of the earth sammich (seriously, i need to start eating vegetarian sammiches with goat cheese and dates more often)
- lastly, i weeded through about 400 photos from our fabulous Olymp-Nicks weekend in virginia last weekend.  who knew that when you put on togas and drink champagne and vodka you'll take 400 photos?

have a happy and snowy day!


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