Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music in the Kitchen

Do you cook at home just because you have to? ...or just because you want to save money? ...or just because you want to eat healthier ...or just because of some other reason other that you just love to cook?

Do you listen to music while you're "slaving away" in the kitchen?  No? Maybe you should try it!  It makes it so relaxing and fun to just turn off the TV and have "background noise" that you actually enjoy instead of the boring old evening news or reality television that you really don't need to watch anyways. 

Mr. P and I most of the time cook with the television off and the music loud.  We usually turn on Pandora so we can find new artists we've never known and can't find on the radio. If we listen to a station that we've had for a while (and given oodles of "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" to the songs we like and dislike), it's a comforting feeling to hear music we know we enjoy.  Either way, it just makes the idea of "slaving away" go away...  Cooking is something we can do together.  And when the television is off, we are tempted to watch it and pay attention to it like a pendulum swinging in front of our eyes, disregarding one another.  We get to have real conversations with each other, and we get to teach each other things about cooking (i.e. Mr. P gives me a cooking lesson every night unless I'm heating up leftovers from the night before).  Plus it gives us a chance to try out our new dance moves from this ad for Skype.

This article from thekitchn.com made me think of my own experiences in the kitchen:


....mostly because it really is more fun to do anything in the kitchen when we "blow my speakers up" while jamming to a little Ke$ha (and by Ke$ha I mean her song "Blow") 

What is your favorite music to cook to?


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