Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something Sweet at "Sweet"

2 years ago, you probably couldn't remember the last time you ate a cupcake, let alone buy one at a bakery.   Now there's a cupcake shop in every neighborhood.  I avoided them for so long, and I honestly didn't see why people were so obsessed....

Then... today we were swept off our feet by the chalkboard signing calling our name with "Buy 1 get one free" at Sweet in Hoboken!  Expecting to be a limit of how many you buy to get one free, we asked how many we could get, and the nice lady behind the counter said "as many as you like! if you want 6, you get 6 free!"  Mr P took that literally, even though we don't need 12 cupcakes.  I at least talked him down to 12 mini cakes, instead of the regular size.

We each ate 1 cupcake, and I had "fluffer nutter!" ...a vanilla cupcake with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff.  The peanut butter tasted exactly like the peanut butter filling in nutter butters!!  We asked the man if we could buy just some frosting, but he said no, so my guess is that Mr P will be back too too often...

Our friend had a mocha cupcake, chocolate cake with mocha frosting with a chocolate-covered expresso bean on top!

Mr P had dark chocolate with marshmallow fluff, yum!

A delightful way to end the afternoon stroll through Hoboken :D

Thank you, Sweet!  We will definitely be back...


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