Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 10: Onto Plan B

Quote of the night (following Mr P and I doing a big high five):

" We are awesome!  Only at Ikea can you fit two people and an entire 57.5" kitchen cabinet and sink in a Yaris.  This definitely wouldn't have fit in my Accord!"   (i.e. much larger car with a normal trunk instead of a hatchback)

Sadly, though, we have to take it back.  We were just too excited that we could get a cabinet, countertop, and sink, all for a relatively cheap price, in a configuration that fits our awkwardly arranged kitchen that has pipes and other unusual obstructions in the sink cabinet area....  we forgot to measure :(  We just assumed it would fit, but it's just a few inches too long.  It would fit if it could actually go wall-to-wall, but the water heater (and all kinds of scary gas and water pipes) are blocking our little sink nook by about 4 inches.

It was perfect for our situation (sigh).

I guess we're off to Plan B now.  Well, more like we have to figure out a Plan B.  Getting a base cabinet isn't hard.  Installing a sink isn't hard.  Getting the countertop is the scary part.  We don't want to PAY someone to cut and install a countertop for us, so we are going to try to do it ourselves (youtube will be a major contributor).

Considering we are MOVING IN THIS WEEKEND, we need to think fast!  Any suggestions are welcome, but Plan B right now consists of us trekking to Home Depot and buying a base cabinet, countertop, sink, and faucet and cutting the countertop and installing everything ourselves.... ahh!


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