Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2: Tip from the Asians

Do you wear your shoes in the house?  Did you ever think twice about what you are tracking inside?  What about when you are sweeping, did you ever think you are getting all of the dirt?  You aren't.  And this is what you would see if you wear your shoes in the house and tore up the carpet.  YUCK!  Good thing Mr P and I had dust masks... this pile I swept up was over an inch tall!!

Maybe Asians were on to something when they said no shoes indoors.

Think about this next time you walk through your living room with your tennis shoes on that you just wore all over town... gross.

At least we were able to rip out the living room carpet and carpet padding, and tediously pry out all the staples holding in those little patches of carpet padding (I swear we pulled out hundreds).

Next up: painting living room ceilings, walls, trim, and bedroom trim!! 


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