Monday, December 19, 2011

Whoopie Pie Surprise

Mr P came home with a surprise after he came home from shopping today.  Sometimes I think he doesn't listen to things I say, sometimes I know he doesn't listen to the things I say (mostly when he's playing Zelda or watching an episode of HIMYM).

....and sometimes he surprises me with things he remembers when I "know" he's not listening.  He came home today with a whoopie pie from Sassy Sweet Treats since they were set up outside of the PATH station.  I showed him a picture on facebook of their seasonal chocolate cake with mint filling and candy cane crumbles (heaven!!!), and he brought one home for me today :D

....and one for himself too... his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate and peanut butter filling.


1 comment:

Marcia L said...

Ooooh Hung...he's the man! Counting the hours til you two come rolling in!