Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the day job

remember the times i get excited because "date nights" mean "date night shoes"?

(yeah, so what? i wear those all the time, what's the big deal?)

well... i really like to wear those date night shoes, because THIS is what i wear at my day job:

cute, right? this is why one day when i came home, mr p blatently goes "whoa, babe, you look so MANLY today"

(ok ok, not EVERY day) but i'm still in an office of engineers that look at me funny when i wore this:

...and this:

each of which i thought were totally cute, not revealing, and just as professional as my normal v-neck and cardigan combo.

(sigh) if only there were more women in this profession... any takers?   or, do any of you girls in the field wanna come back !??



Anna said...

Love the polka dots!

Marguerite said...

steel toes keep you safe....date night shoes keep you classy :) Good balance I'd say!

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

i like your thinking, marguerite :D

and thanks annna!