Sunday, February 26, 2012

just another weekend

this past weekend was a much needed good food-, good friends-, lots of relaxing- kind of weekend .

friday: happy hour at Qi, a thai restaurant in manhattan on 14th between 5th and 6th avenues with great happy hour specials and drinks at Lilium, the bar beneath the union square W hotel. all of course with some great friends :D  then, surprise late night visit to McD's by the grove st path on the way home.

(don't worry... i made up for the bad eating habits by running 5 miles the next morning)

saturday: night in new brunswick with the girls from work at the stress factory comedy club. fat sammiches (from a knock-off R-U-Hungry? "grease truck"... it closes literally as we walked up to it) and george st ale house first, though, for a few drinks and food.

never thought woman engineers could be so stylish , huh?

sunday: deli sammiches before star wars half-marathon round two (though we only got through episodes I and II, and will probably watch episode III during the week...)  mr p made a delicious pork chop dinner for us, zack, and the neighbors :D  ....if you want to make your next pork chop amazing, just top it with a mixture of whole-grain mustard and real maple syrup (your significant other is sure to be impressed)

those are the highlights of OUR weekend... tell us about YOURS!


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