Tuesday, September 18, 2012

M.I.A. because of Mex-i-co

well... mexico AND other stuff....

(you left us for THAT long and didn't even give us a warning!?)

sorry, readers, that's what happens when i'm so on the go and my day job (aka the one that pays the bills) has me working longer hours...  what i CAN do is leave you with a few sneak peaks of where we've been the last few weeks!

if you couldn't tell from the photos, we:
-  ate and drank (a lot)
 - then i ran it all off in a 5k (ha, if ONLY a 5k would reverse a whole weekend of bad food and too many drinks)
- then i spent a weekend in paradise with far-away friends

mr p's weekend in paradise with far-away friends is going to be this weekend, which means whole house to myself, which means (crossing my fingers) catching up on a LOT of blogging!

stay tuned, my friends...


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