Wednesday, September 12, 2012

reminiscing the renovations

last year on this day   (ok, last year on 9/11) , it was sunday, and mr p and i were busy busy bees.

we had just started renovations on our "new" jersey city apartment. it was day 7 of renovations, and that day we:
   - laid trim
   - ripped up the bathroom tile floors
   - laid new backerboard
   - grouted the bathroom tile
   - painted the tub with appliance paint
   - bought a stove
   - ripped out the bathroom vanity

i'm SO happy those days are over! small bits of renovating have continued to creep up now and again, but that first month of having keys to the new place was BRUTAL! (i guess our relationship can survive anything if we survived THAT!)

we actually did a LOT of renovations to our tiny apartment in our 100+ year old building.  check out the beginning of the story here (or click renovations on the left side bar)

what's your story? did you do any fun renovating or decorating in your home? tell us about it!



Why Girls Are Weird said...

My parents own the house I live in so they do most of the renovating... which is A-OK with me!

meme-and-he said...

wow, I am impressed that you guys can do this! Can't wait to see the finished product!