Wednesday, September 19, 2012

sick day

having a sick day is no fun...

but, thankfully i found my last stash of 44 north coffee in the freezer (ahhh so gooood!) after accepting the fact that i was going to have to settle for my "back-up" coffee (ugh... it's SO bad)

and... thankfully mr p thought i might like one of the centerpieces from the wedding he attended this weekend while i was in mexico  (can we say GORGEOUS!?)

at least enjoyed a pretty table while i enjoyed my afternoon brew (extra late! eek! won't sleep tonight!)  

also ...the fish serving plate was originally $36 from west elm ! craziness!  sometimes i get annoyed at all the "junk" email, but then some times i'm in the mood to actually look at those emails, and i get pleasant surprise sales at places that are typically WAY to expensive for my budget..

happy wednesday :)

1 comment:

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