Thursday, April 25, 2013

a new view of boston

when i first started working in boston, i didn't like it.  like, at all.  all i could think about was how much it wasn't like new york city or jersey city.  but i was living in a hotel, eating at au bon pain for practically every meal, working late, and seeing only 1 city block (except for the 1 night i decided to venture into the business-y part of the north end, where everything was shut down by 9pm when i started my walk.
this week i started staying in a REAL apartment, in a very cool neighborhood about a mile from the office.  i get to walk through the public garden every day, i see runners, lovebirds, other professionals like me walking home... it's such a change.
let's talk about lovebirds though.  i think 90% of the people in the park last night were couples that were either holding hands, snuggling on a bench, kissing, singing to each other, on double date...
(ew, gross! get a room!)
actually, i felt the exact opposite.  it was refreshing to see so many people so in love!  i can't help but smile when i see these cuties.  maybe it was the weather, maybe it was because i was walking home at a decent hour, maybe it was because i had just got in a good 3-mile run, maybe it was because i am excited to go back home to mr p this weekend.... whatever it was, my walk home was just nice last night.
boston, you're growing on me.
slowly, but surely.


Kenya said...

Glad you are able to enjoy Boston a bit more now.

McKenna Lou said...

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the US! It is so beautiful during the Autumn. xx. McKenna Lou

ALLIE NYC said...

It is a very beautiful and European like city. Must be a little emotional there right now.

Ali of