Friday, October 11, 2013

i pinch myself

life can sometimes be a big ball of emotions... happy, sad, frustrated, comforting, all in the same day.
at least now it's friday, and the weekend is near.  when i feel like an emotional basket case, i just need to pinch myself and remind myself that life is awesome, even though it's frustrating sometimes.
this weekend i am able to say that i'm "going to a concert on the upper west side and celebrating an engagement on the lower east side" and that our plan is to "get late night ramen and take the train home" .  
really? i feel like a mix of carrie bradshaw, rachel green, and hannah Horvath, and that's just 1 night on the town. 

bring it on, manhattan, this girl's ready to go OUT!
that's what my 20's are for, right?

can't wait to see these kids live tonight!
cheers to the weekend.

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