Thursday, December 12, 2013

my accidental pixie cut

let me first point out one weird thing about me:

i'm terrified of the hair stylist.

the only reason i don't go to get "trims" on my hair, is because it never turns out the way i want it to.  i haven't found "my go to" stylist, even after living in the same area for 4 years.  i never EVER walk away from the hair salon with that "omg my hair looks so awesome" feeling.  it's always a "gosh i hope i learn how to style this, i wonder what people at work will say, i need to spend the whole night messing with this" uneasy feeling.  i give no fault to the stylist, she's just doing her job, cutting my hair the way i say i want it cut.

i went in for a haircut just before barbados hoping to look like this photo of victoria beckham:

...that obviously didn't happen.  i'm not a size zero, my hair's not blonde, and my hair was NOT that shape.  unfortunately I don't have a photo of my immediate "after" as i just desperately tried to work with what i had requested.  my hair was previously in an almost-shoulder-length bob, and she chopped one side so short there was no hair to go behind my ears, and she didn't even TOUCH the other side.  no shaping, no cutting of the split ends, nothing.  i guess that's what she saw in the photo.  i tried to deal, and i even wore it in a sort of pompadour the first night (and stole mr p's heart while at it... that boy loves his girl to have a short 'do)
 photo day1_zps841f59be.jpg
the problem with this is that the "long" side of my hair had to be pinned back, it kept falling out, and it sort of looked like a mullet on that side (oh mullets, us pixie-cut vets know that the worst part of a pixie-cut is the mullet stages when it starts to grow out in the back), after that night i decided i needed another cut.  the problem is i decided i needed another cut after salons closed on sunday, we were leaving for barbados on tuesday morning, and hardly any salons are open on mondays. the ones that ARE open wanted to charge me full price for a women's cut ($70+) to chop just one side of my hair.  NO THANK YOU!! i already paid for a whole hair cut, i'm not spending another $70!! luckily i found a salon in Hoboken that would do it, and they only charged me for a men's cut (it's short like man hair, it should be priced like man hair anyways!!)
 photo barbados1_zps283302ef.jpg  photo barbados2_zpsc2393764.jpg  
i was satisfied.  a few nit-picky things i wasn't happy with, but it was fine. i could deal.
barbados came and went, and i decided i still had this mullet thing going on in the back.  it stuck out in an unflattering way whenever i wore a coat or a scarf.  mr p is GREAT for cutting off the mullet of my short hair!  2 days of that, and i decided i needed more cut off.  so, he did it again.

 photo MULLET1_zpsdcce2c8f.jpg  photo MULLET2_zpsba3f8fa1.jpg

SO... 4 haircuts later, i'm finally satisfied with my new accidental pixie cut!!

 photo pixiecut_zps5d79309a.jpg
finally i love it! 
now that I've documented how i like my hair to look, next time i go to the salon i can finally take in my OWN photo of my OWN hair, and hopefully i'll finally find a stylist who can cut it right... otherwise i'll have to sit in my bathroom, (trying not to) snap at mr p to cut it differently (guys, i let my BOYFRIEND cut my hair, there's bound to be a little hesitation, it never eases up no matter how many times i let him do it)
what do you guys think??


Megan O. said...

One your hair is adorable! I wish I could cut mine short and have it look so just doesn't work for me?! Two you look just like your mom!!!! I have no idea when that happened, and I suppose not seeing each other all the time these transitions will happen but holy like mother like daughter phenom!

Hope you and Hung are doing well and to see you guys soon! It's been to long :(

Jo Dhesi said...

Looks great and I literally cracked up with the WTF is this haha

Anonymous said...

You look great with the new cut! Mr. P did a nice job!

Cheryl said...

Your guy gave you your last haircut and he has doNe it before? I would say you should do what I do, I swore off the hassles of the salon and now the only person I will allow near my head with shears is my boyfriend. He does a great job, and he he has never given my a bad haircut.