Tuesday, April 15, 2014

embracing the tiny kitchen

 photo DSC06379_zps0217b710.jpg

sure, yesterday morning i knocked my head on the corner of an open cabinet above my head, and sure we run into each other, and sure our sink practically only fits just a cereal bowl....

...but is it weird that i'm actually LOVING the tiny tiny kitchen?

here's why:
  1. it has the "kitchen triangle" - if you draw a line from the sink to the fridge to the stove to the sink it makes a triangle.  i never knew how much this really mattered until i had a kitchen that was actually laid out this way.  so many brownstone apartments get stuck with long and narrow kitchens, making the only practical layout one with EVERYTHING on one wall, and NOTHING on the opposite wall.
  2. i can get almost anything without moving my feet - ok maybe i'll take a step sideways or backwards, but still, i don't have to go across the room, into the pantry, on top of  stool just to get the sugar... it's 1 step and an arms reach away from where i do nearly all my prepping.
  3. i'm forced to purge - do i really need 4 pairing knives? do i really need that mango corer? (sorry mom) do i really need to have 4 bottle cap openers and 2 wine bottle openers? no, no, no, and no. it really does feel good to get rid of things we don't need, but kept because we had the space in the old kitchen. and when's the last time we used the deli slicer anyways?
maybe i'm still on the high that i finally OWN my home instead of rent, but we're learning more and more everyday that "more" space doesn't always mean "better" space.  finding more efficient ways of tetris-ing storing things is so fun!

check out a little (very little) kitchen tour below.

 photo DSC06377_zps31c7c8cd.jpg

 photo DSC06363_zpse85b1bea.jpg

 photo DSC06370_zpsdfd623a6.jpg

 photo DSC06364_zps9331d347.jpg

 photo DSC06369_zps5ce0bab6.jpg  photo DSC06366_zpse39d2291.jpg  photo DSC06367_zps9e9cc591.jpg  photo DSC06368_zps89a35aa2.jpg

 photo DSC06371_zpsbca62f10.jpg

 photo DSC06373_zps4159fe5f.jpg

 photo DSC06375_zpsb281e115.jpg

how's that for a first shot at organizing the beast? let me know your thoughts!
(wait, can you call something that small a "beast"?)


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