Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sometimes the craigslist hunt is worth playing the waiting game

you know the story.
  1. you have an idea of what you want in your head.
  2. in your head you think "oh, i'll just find it on craigslist."
  3. you look on craigslist, it's no where to be found, or absurdly expensive.
  4. you wait, hoping to find that "gem" nobody knows is cool for a steal of a deal.
  5. you wait...
  6. you wait...
  7. you wait...
  8. you suck it up and buy the new, not-vintage, double-than-you-wanted-to-spend version at west elm and you're still unhappy.
luckily, that didn't happen to us this time!! we actually got lucky on craigslist.  the dude knew what he was doing though.  he knew the dresser was cool, and he painted the frame white, sort of like those west elm cats did with the drawers on their faux mid-century modern with less storage that they are selling for double the price .  i'd totally buy from him again. check him out at forgotten furniture   (though lots of his stuff is also found on the north jersey craigslist page, which is where i found him)

 photo midcenturydresser2_zps9813c41b.jpg

i'm positive i could have found this for half the price i paid (or much less even) in ohio, but the shipping would totally make up for the difference in price (there's a limit to how much can fit in the yaris.  shocking, i know) but hey, i'm THRILLED with what i got, happy it is solid wood, happy it was a decent-for-new-jersey price, and ultimately i bought it and had it trucked to the house for less than the list price. boom. being around all those asians for the last few years has given me some good negotiating skills ;)

 photo midcenturydresser1_zps798221bc.jpg

 photo midcenturydresser3_zpsd1f94c6a.jpg

now that i have bright white walls and a bright white dresser, i'm on a mission to change out that OFF -white duvet!!! gosh it looks so BAD now!! my mom suggested trying to bleach it.  i guess it wouldn't hurt...

what do you guys think!?


p.s. instagram  is becoming the leaker of all new changes to the apartment.  @beyondthestoop  

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Rich Sudol said...


Stumbled upon your blog and am so glad you like the dresser! Also wanted to thank you for the link to our site, if you ever need anything else just let us know. We just opened up a shop in Plainfield, NJ right next to Netherwood train station @ 1112 North Ave so now our customers can come browse.

Owner - Forgotten Furniture