Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Thumb Gets Greener

I wouldn't exactly say that I have a green thumb.  However, the fact that I've kept 1 plant alive for the past 6 years (yes, through all 14 moves) says that there's at least a hint of green on them. 

This plant is a philodendron though (i.e.  a plant that basically doesn't die no matter what you do to it).  There have been times I didn't water it for months, and there were other times when it was watered I think everyday (Mr P babysat my plant at my apartment when I went to Asia for 2 months when we first started dating and it had standing water pooled at the top when I returned, silly kid).  I love this plant because you can really see it grow, and it gets loooong if you don't trim it.  I love when the strands get long, but Mr P says we don't live in a Chinese restaurant, so we need to cut them.  Ha, but I always tease that I'm going to start stringing the vines all over our house ;)

Before haircut.

This was part of my weekend to-do's.  I really didn't like the rainbow polka dot pot that I kept it in anyways, so I finally got the energy to change it up.  The mason jars we bought for the herb planter came in a 12-pack, so I decided to split the plant and put it in two mason jars to carry the new rustic plant theme.

Philodendrons are great "giver" plants, as all you need to do to make a new plant is trim the vines at a "bud", stick it in water, and it will grow roots!  It's magic I swear.  When I gave the plant a new anti-Chinese-restaurant-looking haircut, I used most of the trimmings to make a new plant.  Mr P was in a snappy mood the whole time I was doing this because I got dirt everywhere, and he was thinking I was getting rid of the trimmings, but really I was only on a one-way track to making our apartment look like what he thinks is a jungle by adding more plants.  It's ok though, I don't care, I'm only replacing our "love fern" that he killed when he "forgot" to bring it to NJ when he moved here.  Yes, he killed an unkillable plant.   So, I'm replacing it! (nana nana boo boo)

After haircut.

Trimmings in water (yes, there's a jar under that mess!)

Repotted plant with a haircut.

Trimmings and awaiting jar of dirt.
I already had the potting soil, and we had to buy a whole 12-pack of mason jars for the other planter, the trimmings are recycled from another plant, so this little project was practically free.

If you need some green in your home, try a philodendron.  You can get them at almost all grocery stores or plant stores.  Water it when the dirt is dry (or when the leaves lose their perkiness if you must).  Put it in a nice pot (or a recycled sauce jar or mason jar like I did), and have fun with it!


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